Arnadel Beauty Systems
ProtectorBand 100% Cotton
Comfort & Convenience
  • This wide and extra strong, absorbent cotton band provides a neat and hygienic way of keeping both clothes and neck dry.
  • Unlike paper, the cotton band is soft and feels very comfortable on the skin.
  • Since hair clings to the cotton band it doesn't end up on or inside clients' clothes.

Cost Efficiency

  • Improves the efficiency of the salon by saving on towels and paper products.


  • The Neckwrap is environmentally safe.
  • Provides a hygenic salon environment.
  • Gives customer protection by preventing the same cape from touching several clients.

ProtectorBand Neckwrap
ProtectorBand Photo

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- Neckwrap

Demonstration and how to use

Demonstration and how to use

The Protectorband Neckwrap needs to be placed round the neck before putting on a cape. Make sure that the cape does not touch the skin of the client. This is important for health and hygiene reasons.

The Neckwrap is self-adhesive. Just overlap the ends of the band and it will cling together.