Arnadel Beauty Systems
ProtectorBand 100% Cotton
Comfort & Convenience
  • This highly absorbant 100% cotton band absorbs excess liquids and prevents spillage.
  • Protectorband is self-adhesive. Just overlap the ends across the forehead (as shown in the diagram).

Cost Efficiency

  • Economical and space saving. Protectorband eliminates the need for bulky and untidy cotton wool or paper towels.
  • The Protectorband is super-efficient when used with its own Dispenser.


  • Protectorband absorbs excess liquid and neutralizes perming lotions to reduce skin irritation. The process is indicated when the band changes colour from pink to purple.
  • Being a natural fibre Protectorband is the obvious choice for the environmentally-concious.
  • By overlapping the ends on the forehead the band provides double protection against spillage to the face and eyes.

Demonstration and how to use

Self Neutralizing

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- Self-Neutralizing


Demonstration and how to use

When applying the Protectorband begin at the front, to one side of the head (as in diagram 1), and wind round the head overlapping right side across the front of the forehead (see diagram 2). The band then fastens securely offering double absorption and protection above the eyes.

Although Protectorband helps to reduce skin irritation during
lotion application, it is recommended that the absorbed Protectorband be removed once all the lotion has been applied.

  • The Protectorband Dispenser has been designed to complement and enhance the Self-Neutralizing product.
  • Base-weighted for sturdy operation, it can be portable, wall-mounted or attached to a mobile work station.
  • The Dispenser provides the professional approach to salon cleanliness and convenience.

  • The Dispenser makes Protectorband readily accessible and avoids time-wasting trips to the store room.
  • The neutral colour is designed to blend in with any modern salon interior.
  • The attractive appearance reflects an efficient salon environment.
  • The slim design fits well on to a portable work station or if wall mounted it offers further space-saving.

ProtectorBand Dispenser

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- Dispenser


  • Dispense the appropriate length of Protectorband and pull the band down between the V section where the band will tear off easily.
  • The dispensing is a single one-handed operation.