Arnadel Beauty Systems

RubberNex - Soft wash-basin comfort

Comfort & Convenience

  • Prevents neck discomfort reducing possible headache, stiff neck and muscle strain.
  • The Rubbernex helps to absorb the pressure from massage.
  • Essential for salons concerned about client welfare and comfort.

Cost Efficiency

  • The Rubbernex cushion is waterproof and easily fitted to the washbasin and removed for cleaning, providing maximum comfort and hygiene for minimum cost.


  • Rubbernex reduces painful neck pressure and water spillage.

Code: Description/Colour:
- Twin Pack / black
- Twin Pack / silver

  • The Rubbernex should be replaced every 6 to 9 months according to frequency of use. As it is heavily exposed to constant wear, the general appearance and condition need to be noted and the Rubbernex replaced regularly for optimum hygiene.
  • Rubbernex is easy to sell. Just fit it onto the hard edge of the wash basin to demonstrate maximum client comfort.