Arnadel Beauty Systems

SoftSink Deluxe

  • The soft flexible design of the Softsink Deluxe allows it to fit snugly on all clients.
  • Salon wash basins remain free for shampooing and other uses.
  • Clients remain relaxed in a comfortable position.

  • The durable material makes the Softsink long lasting.
  • Reduces expenditure on towels and cotton wool.
  • Excess lotion can be collected and re-applied on the same customer to ensure even lotion cover.


    • Provides protection to the skin, clothes and floor during the perming and colouring process.
    • The chemically-resistant material is easy to clean.

SoftSink Deluxe

Code: Description/Colour:
009 SOFTSINK Deluxe
- green / white
010 SOFTSINK Deluxe
- black / white
011 SOFTSINK Deluxe
- violet/ white
012 SOFTSINK Deluxe
- blue / white
013 SOFTSINK Deluxe
- green
014 SOFTSINK Deluxe
- violet
015 SOFTSINK Deluxe
- blue

  • The Softsink should be tried on to demonstrate how the soft and flexible material adapts to fit all neck sizes. This feature is the strong selling point against cheap and uncomfortable hard plastic trays.
  • The Softsink should only be used during lotion application. Once this is completed and the excess lotion collected, the Softsink should then be removed and rinsed off for further use.